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a million little miracles




if I believe in anything, I believe in tiny miracles. miracles from God that come throughout the day to make my individual “impossible for that day” possible.

i.e. :

the “impossible to make” drive to the doctors office under minimum 10 minutes – made in a cool 5, thereby avoiding a $50 fee.

the visit / friend that texts or emails with the perfect string of words that make sense of it all and bring comfort

when my frenzied, direct, immediate prayer is answered and my puppy finally goes to sleep and stops barking so i can actually do my job from home

my Father in Heaven blesses me with tiny millions of miracles through my life every day – and that is not a tiny miracle to me at all. God cares about my lost keys? (again?!) God cares about my busy schedule when people are hungry in the world?

The fact that a loving God is so aware and so loving brings me great comfort.

today was one of those days.

i know some find it annoying when people complain about being busy because we all are all the time.

as a general rule I try not to – but for my personality type sometimes when the busy reaches a new level of crazy – then yeah – I’m not too proud to admit a momentary spot of sympathy helps.

though this entry is about miracles and not sympathy please forgive the complaining in advance.

yesterday I was planning an even crazier than usual week. trying to figure out how to juggle everything was getting so complicated I started to get stressed about being stressed.

yadda yadda yadda

i didn’t sleep and some issues crept up that kaboshed my first day of the week to knock productivity out of the park. I fully expected the day to be full of misery fatigue stress and worry.

and then something, well, miraculous, happened. the day was the best ever. God showed me how it was good to have trials so I could learn how He could make it better.

early I left the house uneasy. suddenly my heart became rosy as I saw the kids and moms on the corners waiting for the bus. the sun rising seemed to hold new magic.

all day I have been carried through survival mode to thriving mode on the strong arms of constant heavenly help.

I learned how to get down to the most basic prioritizing. I think the greatest miracle of all today is that I was relieved from stress all day and could focus on the here and now.

laughs at lunchtime with my sir samuel. cuddles from a crazy puppy. fall crisp air. and even chik fil a.


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  1. Malia #

    :) Love you!

    September 24, 2013
  2. Beautiful :)

    September 24, 2013

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