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How I Lost The Weight: Eating


127 lbs difference – 1 year



It’s been a year this month since I embarked on an enterprise to lose a lot of weight.

One year later and I have lost a lot of weight. 127 lbs. to be exact.  And it hasn’t always been easy.  Lots of crying.  But also lots of happy smiles and jumping up at down after stepping on the scale or buying smaller pants.

It’s so fun when someone hasn’t seen me in a long time and is shocked at how much smaller / different I look.  People are always so kind, supportive and say the nicest things.  Everyone seems to be just so happy for you.  That’s really thoughtful and nice.

I recently changed my hair as well and yesterday someone who hadn’t seen me for probably at least a year didn’t recognize me for a few seconds after I tapped on her shoulder and said hello.  So fun.

Most people, when they talk to me about my weight loss, immediately ask me how I’m doing it.  Of course there are specifics, but my usual, playful answer is: “Eating better and exercising! Funny how that works”

But of course it is beyond NOT that simple.

So I thought I’d talk about some of it here.  Of course, I can’t go into everything about the eating I’ve done to lose weight in one blog post, but I can hit on some of the essentials.


My Kickstart

To get my weight lost going, I had to get pretty hard core for a while in what I changed.  For 5 months I didn’t eat sugar, (seriously.  I did not. eat. sugar.), fried food, almost all carbs and I didn’t drink any soda, fruit or sugared drinks. (Fare thee well, Diet Coke, old friend…)

The funny thing to say here was that it was the worst five months of my life, but it kind of wasn’t at the same time.  I won’t lie, I cried over not eating dessert more than once during those five months, but at the same time it seemed easier at certain points.  The easiest part, weirdly was the beginning when I just WENT for it and the middle bit when I was used to it.  The hardest bit was towards the end when I just started to get sick of all my same old food choices and eating routines.

5 months happened to be how long it took, but the amount of time I chose to eat that way was based on how much weight I wanted to lose before I shifted my diet.  So, it took me 5 months to get to that pre-set goal.


IMG_8595 (1)

5 month difference – half way to goal


How I Eat Now

One of the main things I have changed is my portion sizes. Now, in my day to day diet, I eat some treats and a larger variety of foods but my portions are drastically smaller.  For me, that has been one of my greatest tools to success.  I’m sorry, but I’m not just one of those people who can successfully say: “Oh, I’m never going to have ice cream or spaghetti or a burger again”.  So one of my secrets is sampling what I want but just eating LESS.  I’m not saying I always eat everything I want or something that is bad for me as long as I don’t eat much, but when I do want to try something I can just use portion control.  And that is what works for me.

For “non-healthy” foods I try to just have a bite or two, but in general, I have a high protein diet with lots of fruits and veggies. I’ve also tried to shift the cooking in our home to as organic/whole/non-GMO/fresh as I can. For exercise I started out with lots and lots of walking and Zumba and now I run and swim on my parents 10 acres. I try to be active every day even if it just a really good walk with my dog or running after my nieces and nephews. The greatest tools to my success have been my supportive husband, my FitBit, eating less and building up activity levels.



100 lb difference


Do What Works For You

Since I’ve started dramatically losing weight I’ve had a handful of people either reference themselves or loved ones and say that they wish that they / the person they know could just be like me and copy what I’m doing to lose the weight.  I’ve had the feeling a couple times that others feel kind of guilty if / when they see my weight loss and wish they were doing the same thing.

But here is the thing: I’ve thought that so many times myself!  First off, you’ve got to be ready – and that doesn’t happen the same time or way for everyone. (More on that later  in the post). And secondly, I truly believe that there is not one exact way to health.  No matter what the current food trends are, or what everyone seems to be doing in your circle  of friends / on social media, I really don’t believe there is one tried and true process to be healthy and strong.  Yes, of course, there are certain common sense, basic health principles, but in an every changing world of viral health I don’t think we can just slap one process on everyone and say: “That’s how you do it.  Why haven’t you done it yet?”

So you have to decide what’s right for you, what your doctor says, how your body reacts and what works.  The other side to this coin is that none of us in this world have all the time and money to do everything in a perfectly “healthy” way all the time.  So, I feel like you have to prioritize.

Some things I decided worked for me:

  • Green Smoothies. I use to make green smoothies in my blender every morning.  Doing so was a wonderful experience and actually changed my health for the better forever.  But it started to get cumbersome and overwhelming to me to keep on the top of the ingredients, preparation and clean up every morning.  So now, I drink Naked Juice Green Machine drinks quite often.  I honestly don’t think that the juice is as beneficial to me – but I’m using that to make it work so I don’t feel like it’s all or nothing with the health benefits I got from my homemade green smoothies.
  • Dairy.  In theory, I actually don’t believe dairy is really good for you.  I remember when I was little I looked at a baby cow drinking from his mother and I thought, “Umm baby cows drink cow’s milk and they get like, really huge.  Maybe cows milk isn’t that compatible with human bodies.”  I haven’t had any milk in years but guess what, I love cheese. (Sue me).  There was one point in my weight loss where I had to make a conscious decision about whether I was going to eliminate dairy from my diet or not because I genuinely believe that would be better for me, personally.  But at that time and at this time, I decided that weight loss is my main goal right now and I felt that if I eliminated dairy and all the alternative food options it gives me to sugar and carbs, that it might de-rail my weight loss.  So, even though I might like to eliminate dairy at some point, at this time, that is what has worked for ME personally.  It’s all about making it work.
  • Treats.  I eat treats.  I ate a lot of cake on my birthday and. I. liked. it.  Sometimes I eat treats.  I feel like if I deprive myself totally of all foods I enjoy then I’m on an unsustainable “diet” and I’m trying to have a long term, healthy lifestyle change, not something I am going to yo-yo back from eventually.
  • I drink diet coke.  It’s really bad for you.  It’s not good for you.  You shouldn’t do it.  I do it right now.  Let’s all pray I have the strength / good sense to stop this health sin soon. The end.
  • Eating often.  I actually get hungrier more often / more quickly than I used to even though I eat so much less.  The difference is now I get satisfied so much faster and I am eating higher quality foods.  So I’m basically eating all day.  It’s just not a lot at a time. I probably eat a little something every two hours or so.  So if you see me stuffing my face with avocado toast at 2:15 like I don’t have friends or family – don’t judge.  I lost 127 lbs. so I guess stuffing my face with avocado toast at 2:15 like I don’t have friends or family is working.
  • I don’t always eat the same thing as my husband.  Though my family (my husband and I), have become much healthier in our eating over all, there are some things my husband can / wants to eat that I choose not to.  So, sometimes I just eat different stuff or just eat less. NBD.




Protein has been such a good secret weapon for me.  Basing your nutrition on long lasting protein instead of sugar or bad carbs for energy really changes your whole energy / health system.  I actually have a really hard time getting in all my protein because I don’t eat a lot of meat and I really don’t like chicken.  I used to do the protein drinks but then I drank so much of them I got super grossed out.  Now I eat beans often, cottage cheese and protein bars.  I start to feel weak and sick if I don’t get enough protein so I really try to watch that.  I’m also super on top of taking my vitamins every day.


“Everything Causes Cancer”

My husband and I have an inside joke whenever we read something on health or think about yet ANOTHER un healthy aspect of life.  We say to each other, “Welp, I guess it doesn’t really matter, because doesn’t everything cause cancer anyway?”

Of course we are being completely facetious by saying that but the point is in our over-processed, carcinogenic world it’s really hard to avoid things that are bad for the human body.  From fast food, to plastic tupperware, to pollution we’re just not going to escape it.  The other side of the coin to that private joke is that food “science”, information and popular opinion on health changes every day.  So I feel like it is so easy to get caught up in health trends and what is good or terrible for you flip flops every year.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t try.  Because I do.  I believe even though we may not be able to avoid all the bad stuff / be perfectly whole all the time, we can do some reasonable things that have a really wonderful impact on our bodies and health.  But again, this is based on the research I have done for myself and the personal choices I have made for me.  It may not be what you feel is right for you or your family.

Some things I actively try to do to be more “whole”:

  • Use / buy products with simple, whole ingredients.  Again, I’m not perfect, but I try to stay away from products with, like, a thousand pharmaceutical sounding ingredients and I try to cook with simple, tasty aspects
  • Organic isn’t a catch-all.  I’m not better than organic.  I’m into it to.  But honestly it’s become such a hot-button word that I don’t always feel like “organic” on a label is going to make everything all better.  Some things I look for as well are: hormone free, grass-fed, antibiotic free, non-GMO, pesticide free and not created in massive bulk.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes it creeps me out when all the tomatoes at Costco are like the exact same size, shape and color in that plastic crate. (HOW do they get that way??  Not natural…)
  • Eat fresh and local. I think it is just common sense that food that has less far to go is going to be a fresher, higher quality food that doesn’t have to have processes done to it to make it last.
  • Listen to your body.  See how your body responds to certain foods.  You won’t feel good after eating something that isn’t good for you personally.  I found out during this process that sugar makes my joints hurt and gives me pain!  Obviously, I already knew sugar wasn’t good for me, but I didn’t know in what specific ways it was affecting my body.

Having said all this, I just want to re-iterate that I’m not perfect or even the best on the block at this stuff.  I’m not going to say that I haven’t eaten McDonalds or Cookie Butter in the last year. But I don’t regularly and I try really hard not to. The point is, I am trying to create a more, balanced, all around healthy lifestyle so I am going to try to do my best to do these types of things that I believe are better for me and my family.

I think this is an appropriate place for a Jim Gaffigan McDonalds joke:

“It’s fun telling people you go to McDonald’s. They always give me that look like, Oh! I didn’t know I was better than you. No one admits to going to McDonald’s. They sell six billion hamburgers a day. There’s only 300 million people in this country. It’s like I am not a calculus teacher, but I think everyone is lying.”


Eating Out

Between events, family and work Sam and I eat out a lot.  I’ve really learned how to make that work for me.  One challenge I had is that I like, as Sam says: “options.” I like to get all the sides and a salad and yada yada with my meal not necessarily because I am going to eat the entire amount, but because I like to have several different types of food with my meals.  I like sides.  When I started losing weight I was wasting so much food at restaurants but I’ve kind of learned the ropes at how to make it work. So, ways I’ve adapted going out to eat:

  • Share sides with your dinner companion.  I just order the main thing and then Sam just orders what sides I would like to try.  I usually have a bite of everything and then I get to have all the “options” I like and we didn’t pay for / waste a bunch of food I didn’t eat
  • Leftovers.  I am NOT afraid to take home food.  If I don’t think I should eat anymore, I just don’t. Sam is AWESOME (because of everything anyway), but also because he never ever makes me feel bad about not eating food I’ve ordered or if I decide I’ve made a bad choice and shouldn’t continue eating.  He’s so cool that way because he thinks it’s more important for me to be healthy.  He never makes me feel bad and is always very proud of me.
  • Don’t eat the leftovers just because they are there.  I take home a lot of left overs because I just feel like I should because we paid for it and also because I feel like it helps me not have the psychological pressure to eat it all at the restaurant.  But I also have just let myself not feel guilty about just chucking left overs if I don’t need them instead of feeling like I have to eat them before they go bad.
  • Salmon.  I eat a lot of salmon.  Luckily, I LOVE fish and it is one of my main staples so no problem there.  Ordering fish with no sauce or butter and just lemon salt and pepper has been one of my secret ninja moves at being healthy at restaurants. (Thanks Mom, you taught me how.)






Favorite Go-To Foods

  • Hummus with carrots or sugar snap peas
  • Green Machine naked juice
  • Tuna w/ mayo and pickle
  • Ezekial bread
  • Avocado Toast (no duh, Livi, we’re all on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest – we get it.)
  • Trader Joe’s Natural Peanut Butter on Toast or Celery
  • Black beans with shredded cheese, tomatoes or salsa
  • Cottage cheese and radishes or celery with sea salt and pepper
  • Steamed green beans with olive oil and sea salt (I cheat at this though.  I have a kick-A steamer we got at our wedding so, like, all I do is wash the green beans, put them in and then press a button.)
  • Salad with pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas and a yummy dressing
  • Trader Joes coconut yogurt with cut up strawberries (tastes like a dessert!)




Being Ready For It

The most Dumb-A** statement I have EVER heard in my life is:

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

Thanks a heap Kate Moss, I’ll remember that next time I’m posing for Vogue or not hungry because I do drugs.

Seriously though guys – SO stupid.  I am a lot “skinnier” now and guess what, cake and nutella still taste just as da*n good as a year ago.

I think attitudes and lines of thinking like that are so un-helpful.  Food is a huge part of our everyday life.  We eat it all day long and it is important for our health to eat it.  We just need to eat it right.  Food is cultural, pleasurable, fun, social and on and on.  Denying that and pretending like someone isn’t losing weight because they “like” eating more than they like “being skinny” or feeling good just isn’t a correct or intelligent comment.

I think the most powerful overall tool in my weight loss success has been the mental and emotional readiness.  Quite a few people have expressed to me that they wish I could just “talk” to a loved one to convince that person that they can or should lose the weight just like me.  I understand why people ask that, it’s out of genuine concern and love but you can’t lose weight and be healthy until you are mentally and emotionally prepared in my opinion.  You won’t be successful, do it right or have long lasting results.  Being ready in that way is not something you can rush or force and I worked really hard and am very grateful I got to that point so I could really do this right.  But it can be done!


Take It Easy

Do what you have to in order to not be overwhelmed.  You’re not going to be perfect, you’ll make mistakes.  Don’t be hard on yourself, keep trying, do what you have to do to make it work for you.


Thanks for all the love and support guys – I couldn’t continue to do what I’m doing without my wonderful support system!

Steve Jobs Copied J.K. Rowling



*found on Blog Lovin’

Ok, I’ll just come out and say what we’ve all been thinking:

I think Steve Jobs copied J.K. Rowling. 

I mean if you think about it, she basically invented the iPhone:

– Wizards / Witches carry their wand in their pocket everywhere they go and instantly panic if they can’t find their particular wand. They even use them in bathroom stalls. *awkward

– In Harry Potter, wands have a flashlight on the end of it and can even remotely open doors. 

And here’s a few more examples I came up with.  You be the judge…

Harry Potter






Creating no. 1 : Love of Animals – Basset Hounds 101

I’ve had a funny year or so of rough transition where family, career, work, office to home shift,

health and other circumstances have changed all at once which has forced me to reevaluate almost every aspect of my life.

Including my PURPOSE and what that specifically means.

One of those aspects I want to really reevaluate for myself is CREATIVITY – Being a creator of something that did not exist before. ::::

Therefore, I personally invite you to this positive blog (and a Facebook group if you’re into it- just let us know) which focus on creativity / creation / talents and the specific and uniquely individual ways we carry this out.

So will you join? I envision sharing example of our talents, projects, ideas, discussion and goals in this group so we can collectively inspire, give advice and cheer each other on!

Creation = Happiness Let’s work on it together!

I have to admit, I am often plagued by doubt in my abilities or talents. I have become a lot better about not comparing myself to others  in the last few years, but I also have high expectations of myself and can sometimes feel I fall short or  don’t have useful talents to offer. I have to think outside the box to classify my creative skills and talents as I don’t paint, sew, do graphic design,  sports, crafts, sing or play an instrument. But I know they are in there some where!

So I tried to follow the advice in one of my favorite quotes below and start small – start simply!

Have more appreciation for the small victories and the true worth of creation even

if it just creating smiles and laughter or planting beautiful additions above the sink.

“You might say, “I’m not the creative type. When I sing, I’m always half a tone above or below the note. I cannot draw a line without a ruler.
And the only practical use for my homemade bread is as a paperweight or as a doorstop.”
If that is how you feel, think again, and remember that you are spirit daughters of the most creative Being in the in the universe.

Isn’t it remarkable to think that your very spirits are fashioned by an endlessly creative and eternally compassionate God?
Think about it—your spirit body is a masterpiece, created with a beauty, function, and capacity beyond imagination.

You may think you don’t have talents, but that is a false assumption, for we all have talents and gifts, every one of us.
The bounds of creativity extend far beyond the limits of a canvas or a sheet of paper and do not require a brush, a pen,

or the keys of a piano.

Creation means bringing into existence something that did not exist before—colorful gardens,
harmonious homes, family memories, flowing laughter.”

So, I am striving to be less hard on myself and look for the positive in my life.   Which leads me to one creative outlet in my life I may have overlooked: Creating Love of Animals.

I haven’t been much of a dog lover or animal aficionado for most of my life.   But when I was one of a group of care takers for my brothers golden retriever while he was away in Alaska for a couple of years, I just fell in love with his dog, Bruce Wayne.

This led us after 2 years of researching and looking to find the perfect pup for us, a basset hound with the perfect personality and a name to go with it: Georgia O’Keeffe Whitaker. Named for my hero.


*sometimes Georgia likes to sneak into the bathroom while I’m having a bath because she misses me too much.  It’s cool – we’re all girls.

Basset Hound Care 101


  1. Know What You’re Getting Into

          With any dogs there will be pros and cons. You need to research and determine what pros are most important to you and what cons are deal breakers.  

A basset was actually not our first choice.  We wanted a Newfoundland at first.  They are very loyal, can protect the family and home, can rescue humans from drowning (we’re by the water all the time) but at the same time are very loving, affectionate and don’t need as much play time as a retriever.  (Throwing that ball for 3+ hours starts to get really annoying.)  The downsides were insane amounts of constant grooming, lots and lots of slobber and much bigger messes to clean up if you get my drift.  We felt like we could deal with all the cons in order to get the benefits.  

But there was just one problem: we have a small house and no yard to speak of.  This is what led us to bassets.  Bassets have a lot of personality trait similarities to Newfies but come in a much smaller package. They are extremely loving and affectionate (most important trait to us), low energy (which is very good for a small house with no close access to parks or walkways to speak of) and hair shed is a minimum with reasonable grooming. Bassets are pretty low maintenance, devoted and treat train well. The Cons are: slobber, dirty, prone to infection ears, some possible health concerns, and they can be stubborn about training.

But every day with my dog it’s proven to me just how much dogs / pet / animals can offer for this human experience, or as Thoreau would say: “Living deliberately.”  Georgia has offered so much more to this family than we ever dreamed.  We sometimes joke about how “dog centric we (read: I)  have become.  We used to sort of roll our eyes when people overly gushed about puppies and treated them like children and while I firmly do not think my dog is my child or a substitute for my future children, we do consider her a member of our family and having a pet like Georgia can bring great blessings into one’s life.

I believe Georgia would be an excellent therapy dog though for various reasons we have chosen not to do that formally.  But, like most people, I have my own issues and I cannot denegrate the very real tacitile value a well placed animal in the right situation can provide a human and family.  Specifically, she is sensitive.  She can sense when things are stressed in the house or if I am nervous or afraid about something going on outside.  She is worried every time one of us leaves the house and is out of her mind excited, like we might never come and is instantly leaping up to give love and express her joy.

She is a big Diva theres not doubt about that, but just in a funny way where she just doesn’t understand why here belly isn’t being scratched every hour.  I can be a big drama queen myself at times so I guess its just another reason were perfect for each other.  She is low maintenance in feeding and wandering, is completely potty trained after the first to weeks with just a couple messes here and then after.  We’ve basically had no potty training issues for months.  Getting her a doggy door really helped. I stayed up literally all day and all night every night for two weeks to crate chain her.  It was actually one of the hardest things I have ever done because i have always had such problems around my sleep anyway.  But I did and it worked.  After 2 weeks of taking her out of the crate each night when she cried and when she needed to pee, I would slowly pair back the time out of the pen, the time of me holding her through the breaks until by the end of the 2 weeks she was weaned of her sleep cries and slept in her crate like. a. champ.

It may sound silly to some, but training, feeding, taking care of Georgia, taking her to her regular vet checkups, paying to have her groomed and making sure she is taken excellent care of and just knowing I provide this animal – this little, very really spirit the things she needs and knowing she has a content, secure oh so happy life.  Makes me filled with great joy.  And I NEVER got it – until I had a dog.

But I still refuse to put full on clothes on my dog or paint her toenails.  Seriously, I will not be THOSE kind of pet people.



2. Decide Ahead of Time About Breeding, Having a “paper-ed dog” and What That Entails

We hadn’t planned to get a pure bred dog necessarily.  What was most important to us was the specific personality traits bassets can bring to a home and we wanted to maximize that.  It took us a long time to find newborn bassets anywhere reasonably near us and those that were a little less far away were charging obscene amounts.  So we were weighing all our options on what was most important to use when I randomly found on a site i had just stumble on so AKC certified breeders selling puppies that night.  The puppies had been on the market for less than a week and of the large breed there were only about 6 left and they were all girls.  Apparently, most people want boy bassets.  This worked out perfect for us and we had always wanted a girl.  I mentioned it to Sam and he said thats a good idea why don’t we check it out.  Well, I must have given Sam the look because he was like ok, we can go.  So I dragged his sweetheart patient bum across the valley on late Sunday night to go get my puppy I’d been dreaming about for 2 years.

I asked Sam to be the one to pick her out.  He is sensitive about that kind of stuff and can sense things and vet people really well.  I knew he would find out Georgia.  While all the puppies attacked and jumped on me, Lady Georgia just went into the corner and just started sniffing things.  Sam said – this is the one.  We found out she had been the second pick of every single customer who ended up going away with another puppy.  That made us like her all the more.

They offered a cheaper options for non-papered dogs or for a higher sum we could get the papers.  Going it to it we knew that was the case and we decided that it was ensuring the basset personality traits that was most important to us we could go either way.  The fee was very minimal so we went with the papered choice and I am so glad we did.  The benefits are great you just can’t get for your dog if they aren’t pure blood, papered AKC members.  Everything from 24/7 tech support that can track my dogs chip, missing dog support, free informational training DVDs and a great discount on pet insurance.  And much more.  I would never go with an unpapered dog after our experience with AK



  1. 3. Be Prepared for Higher Expenses Than You Would Think

Like I’ve been saying we had done dog research for a couple years but place I think we dropped the ball was all the extra money it costs to get a dog and that most of those costs come upfront.  We didn’t even know if we could get a dog, let alone when so when we found the ad we had to jump on it.  This meant we had to drive to some random 24 hr Walmart after and pick up some essentials like food, a crate, blankets treats – and those were just the basics.  We had to go first thing the next morning and shop for food (we had to wean her off the crappy kibble they had been feeding her) and we found out just how expensive the high brand of food we wanted her to have was going to costs.  This process was lengthy and somewhat overwhelming with all the various aspects of the food and benefits vs. cost and specific dog needs.  Then we had to find out what sprays she needed, how to keep the yard green, bones she needs for her health on and on and on.  Let’s just say our budget for Georgia including the original price had tripled within 24 hours of getting her.

But don’t let this discourage you – because there is a better way!  We were rushed into the surprise by and had to immediately start taking care of the basset so didn’t have a choice.  My number one tip: Amazon.  My dog food (premium, organic, best stuff on the market you can only get it at PetSmart) I get regularly delivered to my door now at a 1/4 of the cost if I picked it up at the store.  We eventually bough a doggy door for the house and it was much cheaper than other retailers such as Home Depot.  So my point is if you know you’re getting a dog, start getting items here and there and search the internet for good deals.  Pet stuff is crazy discount most places on the internet.  You can obliterate that big bunk of expenses by adding slower and researching.

Just keep in mind the ongoing costs depending on your breed such as grooming, vet visits and pet boarding.



4. Train Early – Enjoy Later

If you are a first time dog owner, plan to train early.  These can be very frustrating times, especially with a stubborn breed like a Basset but if you do it early and often the dog will eventually break out of the phase and your early, constant annoying training will reward you in the future with not having to deal with it and having a trained dog.  Georgia went through a foot biting phase as a way to test me and push boundaries to see how much she could get away with.  And I thought I was going to LOSE MY FRIGGIN MIND.  But it passed and she’s never done it again.  After not sleeping for two weeks Georgia sleeps like a champ ever since.  She goes into her crate when we want with no fuss or fights and never cries at night.  She would sleep for 12 hours in there if we wanted her to (of course we never have) but she knows we’ll be getting her and she is completely trained.  She is also completely potty trained because of all our major training at the beginning.  Crate training and Treat training has worked for us marvelously.





5. Enjoy Your Basset (dog)

The biggest surprise for us with Georgia was the capacity of love and goodness she as an animal to bring into our home.  She is very sensitive to our feelings and can tell when we are upset or anxious and will come offer us love or wide, bassets-droopy eyes at us when were upset.  If I ever cry (Which is a lot – Drama Queen…) she instantly jumps into my arms and starts licking my face.  Sam told me forever ago when we were looking for a dog that “the best part of having a dog is when they follow you all around the house at your heels just because they want to be with you.  They follow you like a puppy.” And he was right.  Nothing makes you feel more like a rockstar then when you come home to a puppy freaking out and jumping all over you because they are so happy to see you.



In Conclusion:

As Georgia is my first dog, I feel I have gained creativity and happiness for learning to love animals and found so much joy in 

creating a happy, healthy and content life for my little dog who means so much to me.




Creativity = Happiness 

Pretty big life changes and unfulfilled / shifting expectations lately have pushed me to redefine my life purpose in general and specifically at this time. 

So you’ll see a shift on this blog towards that purpose. 


My hopes are to:  

  1. Discover new passions 
  2. Set and re-evaluate new / old goals
  3. Become good at something currently foreign to me 
  4. Become better and what I already do 
  5. Find happiness, fulfillment and PURPOSE through that process
  6. Share my process on this blog and make it prettier 

Won’t you read along?

I plan to post more specifics and pretty photos along the way. 



i can’t really wear contacts because of my dry eyes so wearing glasses that i like is really important to me. i get a lot of questions / comments about my specs. especially the below pair of glasses from Bon Look with attachable sunglasses.

i’ve ordered online from other sites before and at my doctor’s but Bon Look so far has been my favorite for style, variety, availability and price.

Shop our Best Selling Sunglasses at


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check out sponsor, Bon Look’s great selection as of the moment!

i’m drooling over their lighter colored frames right now!

they have $99 prescription glasses, $69 gorgeous, sexy sunglasses, free shipping and free returns!

i’m obsessed with these Ipanema sunnies.  they are SO Holly Golightly to me!! (click on sunnies for link!)

or what about these Bondi sunnies – so classic and fun!

i have a clear pair of eyeglasses almost exactly like the ones below.  i love them! sometimes it’s fun to de-emphasize the be-spectacled part of your face.


THESE ARE MY FAVORITE NEW GLASSES.  i totally want a pair.  the IT girl as they are called. SOOO cute, right?? (you should click on the glasses, follow the link and check out the glasses on the models.  SO cute. just sayin’).



this year

recently someone told me something private that let me know I was being prayed for weekly.

it was extremely, extremely touching, meaningful and humbling for me to learn this. to just have a reminder that others out there are pleading to Heavenly Father in my behalf.

I recently came to the conclusion that this year has honestly, probably been the best of my life so far. though not devoid of great struggles, it has been more enriching and fulfilling than ever.

i feel that I’m nearing readiness for the next steps in life.

my gratitude is welling up inside this year and it’s specific too. I’m happy – grateful and very humbled.


eShakti clothing giveaway !!!


Sorry winner selection took so long.

Randomly selected winners (promise cross my heart):

Julie Shepherd


Rebecca Jones !!

Ladies please email me your mailing address at so we can get those gift cards out to you right away!

Thanks for singing up all!!!

some of my favorite items from right now:








i have been a long time fan of

it is a dress / clothing boutique online with awesome fashion for wonderful prices.  but do you know what I like best about eShakti?  you can CUSTOMIZE!  you can customize style, cut and fit on most items – amazing!!

some of the customizations i make most often, for example, are adding a sleeve, higher bust line or longer length of skirt.

it’s incredible – all my clothes from eShakti fit like a glove and are so pretty and well made.

there new fall line is BLOWIN it up in the cuteness department


my most favorite dress i’ve had in years is from

isn’t this little number just delicious!  i get the most compliments on clothing when i wear eShakti (its true!) and this blue dress has seemed to be the favorite thus far.  i love it !!  it is so comfortable, fits me like a glove and is so pretty.


NOW its your chance to get on the eShakti train! has been so kind to offer 2 lucky bright bit readers a $30 gift card each to two winners


 The giveaway is open only to the residents of the USA & Canada



Visit and share your favorite item from the Fall line by leaving a comment on this post.

GOOD luck to 2 of you!!




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